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Some Of What You Will Learn In The 7 Day Course:
Myths vs. Reality

What does a day of homeschooling really look like?  How can I teach my children if I am not a teacher?  What if I do not have the patience? 
Curriculum, Curriculum and More Curriculum!
What subjects do I need?  Where do I start?  We will help you find what curriculum will work for you and your family, so you can begin this exciting journey.
Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Homeschooling
Join us as we discuss what you need to know about homeschooling and if it is right for you.  Learn from our wins and our errors.  

  • Day 1: Myths Vs Reality
  • Day 2: Different Styles of Homeschooling
  • Day 3: What Does A Homeschool Day Really Look Like? / What Subjects Do I Teach?
  • Day 4: Curriculum, Curriculum And More Curriculum
  • Day 5: Resources And Support
  • ​Day 6: What Are My Legal Obligations?
  • Day 7: 7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Homeschooling
Access To The Homeschool New Jersey 7 Day Immersion Video Replays 
The "Homeschool New Jersey" Online Community Video Gallery
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  • 7 Days of Homeschool Training:  New to homeschooling?  Feeling overwhelmed?  Homeschooling and need some direction?  Start Here!
  • Bonus Videos:  An ever expanding resource of content to help cover different aspects of schooling your child at home.
  • Resources:  You are not in this alone.  We share some of the vast resources available to you as a homeschooler.
  • Exclusive Online Community:  With different backgrounds and experiences we join together to share the good days and support the rough days.
  • ​Curriculum:  Picking curriculum can be a daunting task.  Get opinions and help from other homeschoolers who have first hand experience with the choices you are considering.
  • ​Reviews and Suggestions:  We review everything from podcasts, books, blogs, to the world's best pencil sharpener!
  • ​Events:  We are scheduling different speakers from the homeschool world.
  • Monthly Live AMA's (Ask Me Anything):  We host monthly Q&A's so you can get face to face support in your homeschool journey.

Not Sure If It Is Worth The $99?
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